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Indigo Kulani Energy

Energy demand is constantly on the increase, be it electricity/gas for household use or petroleum/diesel products for transport and manufacturing.

Indigo Kulani Consulting Engineers is an integrated practise which offers a range of professional consulting engineering services, including: conceptualisation; planning design management; construction supervision; operation; maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure.  These comprehensive services are available to a broad range of sectors, such as mining, urban development, government and advisory services and social infrastructure development.


Our services

• Water resource engineering

• Civil engineering

• Structural engineering

• Geotechnical engineering

• Environmental engineering

• Rail engineering

Indigo Kulani Mining

Indigo Kulani Mining advisory services offers a well designed mine optimisation strategy which is developed using mine cost comparism analysis and the mine budget forecasting and operating costing plan.

The vision for the Indigo Kulani Energy sector is an efficient, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly infrastructure to promote the physical integration of the continent and enhance access to modern energy services for all Africans.


Our services

• Metering

• Energy audits

• Energy renewable

• Greenbuilding compliance

Indigo Kulani Mining advisory services poses highly skilled and experience personnel who excel in the area Mine Asset Capital Programme Governance and Mine Social Plan Regulation. The Mining Asset Capital Programme includes:


• Mining Feasibility Study

• Mining Lifecycle costing

• Mine Energy Efficiency

• Mine Operating Improvements

• Mine Care Maintenance

• Mine Optimum Maintenance Programme

• Mine Rehabilitation Programme

• Mine Assets Optimisation

• Mine Asset Tracking and Tracing

• Mine Work Plans and Control

• Mine Social Plan Compliance and Implementation

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