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Indigo Kulani Foundation Programs

Indigo Kulani Foundation runs ten various programs that are focused on assisting children from various schools to excel in their education and careers











Youth Life Skills and Mentorship Program

Shine girls / strength boys youth programs for each student to develop understanding of their personal worth, strength and purpose and to realise the potential within themselves to fulfil their desires.


Bursaries and Learnership Program

Identify students in need that excel in their studies but are faced with financial challenges to further their studies. These bursaries are offered to students in high school, FET colleges and universities.


School Tools Program

Providing necessities that relates to children’s basic school needs and tools that are needed to assist in improving their grades, such as stationery and uniforms.


Girl Pride Program

A program dedicated to identifying and assisting to meet young girls’ basic needs.


School Infrastructure Program

Provides assistance to various schools in need of infrastructure.


Rural Early Development Centre Program

“Early development education is the foundation for academic learning”

The foundation provides rural communities with early development centres.


Built Environment Summit Program:

It is through the Annual Built Environment Summit where career guidance in the built environment can be provided to high school students.


Adopt a School Program:

Create a platform through one school adopting another to share ideas and knowledge that can ultimately improve the students’ life skills and grades.


Educator/Principal Partnership Program:

The IMFUNDO EDUCATOR Awards Program rewards and inspires excellence in the world of education by honouring top educators and principals around the country. Not an accolade for “Lifetime Achievement” or the proverbial gold watch at the exit door, the Imfundo Educator Awards targets early-to-mid career education professionals for their already impressive achievements and, more significantly, for the promise of what they will accomplish in the future.


Help Another - NPO Partnership Program:

The foundation’s various programs are mostly archived through partnership with various educational based non profit organisations.

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