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Indigo Kulani Health Infrastructure Solutions

We offer our customers a distinctive approach to the challenges they face, based on:

• Long-term partnerships with successful clinical partners drawing on the best delivery capabilities from the public, private and voluntary sectors.

• Commercial innovation to successfully harness the skills and enthusiasm of our partners, reconfigure services and better manage supply chains.

• Service transformation through service integration, organisational redesign, the application of technology and process improvement.

• Delivery by embedding our culture of empowerment and accountability.


Our services focuses on providing patient centred care in an integrated way that is responsive to cultural, technological and business process changes in the health sector.


Our core service areas:

• Capital Projects Planning and finance

• Design ,Space Planning and  Management

• Intergrated programme  and portfolio management

• Environmental and Energy management

• Asset Management

• Facilities Management

• e-health infrastructure

• Infrastructure Maintenance

• Intergrated Medical Waste Management

Infrastructure Asset Management

Indigo Kulani Infrastructure Asset Management is a fast growing immovable asset management company within Indigo Kulani Group. Our infrastructure asset management capability includes an intimate knowledge of the numerous acts, standards, guidelines and regulations which have an impact on the management of infrastructure assets environment.

We utilise recognised standards such as:

• Infrastructure Delivery management System (IDMS)

• Government Immovable Asset management Act (GIAMA, Act 19 of 2007)

• International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM)

• Publicly Available Specification (PAS 55)

• OPLG Guidelines for Infrastructure Asset Management in Local Government.

• Infrastructure Development Act (Act 23 of 2014)


We add value by ensuring compliance with the PFMA, GRAP, GIAMA, IDMS, PAS 55 and ISO 55000.  Our expertise is applied to the accurate assessment of assets and needs to optimise assets utilisation.


Our services

• Infrastructure Portfolio Management

• Infrastructure Programme Management

• Infrastructure Asset Policy Development

• Infrastructure Asset Business Modelling and Planning

• User Asset Management Plan

• Custodian Asset Management Plan

• Infrastructure Capital Project Portfolio Planning

• Infrastructure Delivery Management System

• Asset Condition Assessment

• Asset Functional Performance Assessment

• Infrastructure Asset Demand Management

• Immovable Asset Lease Management

• Infrastructure Business Process Engineering

Asset Optimisation and Training

Through our Australian affiliate company, GO4GR8 Asset Optimisation Services and University of Pretoria, we offer internationally recognised training developed by the Institute of Quality Asset Management (IQ-AM – Australia) and Indigo Kulani Group.

Our services

• ISO 55001 Asset Management Workshops

 - ASQA accreditation and AQF rating

• Contributing to Effective Asset Management

 - ASQA accreditation: VU20631

• Lead Others in an Asset Managed Environment

 - ASQA accreditation: VU20632

• Graduate Certificate in Asset Management

 - ASQA accreditation: 22166VIC

• Graduate Diploma of Asset Management

 - ASQA accreditation: 22167VIC

• Immovable Asset Management Programme

 - SAQA Acknowledged: CPD 75 and NQF Level 6

• Infrastructure Delivery Management System

 - SAQA Acknowledged: CPD 75 and NQF Level 6

• Facility management training

 - SAQA Acknowledged: CPD 75 and NQF Level 6

Facilities Management

Indigo Kulani Facilities Management specialise in facilities management solution that is unique to client’s needs. Services include the management of soft and technical services to ensure an optimal working environment for clients by integrating people, processes and technology through

interactive tailor-made

smart business


Our services

• Design and management services

• Lease management

• GAP analysis and procurement solutions

• Development of policies

• Building and maintenance management

• Project management

• Call centre/help desk


Our expertise is applied to the accurate assessment of assets and needs to optimise assets utilisation.

eMaintenance Solution

• Organizations transition from a reactive approach to a proactive approach to maintenance by setting preventive schedules to keep their assets properly maintained. Knowing when and where their contractors are working at any given time gives them the ability to perform unexpected safety audits.

• Historical information and audit trails of all assets enables management to make accurate decisions about each asset. A suite of management reporting tools allows the office to oversee the process to ensure that health and safety guidelines are being adhered to and ensures that contractors are meeting their service level agreements.

• Indigo kulani Facilities management provides an industry specific tailor-made eMaintenance solution. eMaintenance  is a cloud-based online software tool that helps organizations  streamline their maintenance processes.


This online maintenance management solution allows organizations  to :


 - View and track all tickets online.

 - Get up-to-the-minute status on all maintenance issues.

 - Choose a contractor by price or feedback rating.

 - Create and schedule a proactive maintenance and compliance plan.

 - Quickly identify problem equipment in need of replacement.

 - See the big picture on safety and compliance levels.


eMaintenance covers a broad range of maintenance solutions, including facility management, asset management and preventative maintenance modules. It’s an affordable solution that can save you time and money by eliminating the need for costly call centers, automating your entire maintenance request workflow. It helps keep you compliant with rules and regulations and reduces paperwork at the same time.


Indigo kulani Facilities Management uses a 4 Pillar approach solution to provide clients with a comprehensive facilities management service.



     Places    I    Activities    I    People    I    Things



Key Benefits

 - 30-90% reduction in time spent on paperwork and data entry.

 - Provides electronic report of driver activities.

 - Reduce management time spent monitoring operations for compliance.

 - Decrease administrative time spent collecting documentation for compliance audits.

 - Reduce fines due to non-compliance.

 - Provides documentation for government audits.


Our facilities and service maintenance management system dramatically reduces repair times and costs, while ensuring Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and customer satisfaction.

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