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Integrated Project Management

Indigo Kulani Project Management consulting services have an impressive track record of providing clients with proven solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Not only do our consultants have the experience to roll up their sleeves to help drive high priority projects to successful completion, but they also have the expertise to mentor clients’ personnel through the process of adopting a more structured approach.  We offer a customised approach.  Our project management consulting personnel will work with your organisation to deliver near-term successes on your projects while moving your organisation in the right direction.


Our Project Management delivery model uses five basic process groups and ten knowledge areas.  Our delivery processes fall into five basic process groups and ten knowledge areas that are typical of almost all projects.


The five process groups are:

• Initiating planning

• Executing

• Monitoring

• Controlling

• Closing


Our ten key knowledge areas are:

• Strategic project planning

• Project design and development

• Workplan management

• Stakeholder management

• Scope management

• Risks management

• Communication management

• Documentation management

• Quality management

• Training and support


Each of the ten knowledge areas contains the processes that need to be accomplished within its discipline in order to achieve an effective project management program.  Each of these processes also falls into one of the five basic process groups, creating a matrix structure such that every process can be related to one knowledge area and one process group.


Programme Management

Indigo Kulani Group uses four implementation phases to programme management: Initiation; Project-Level Installation; Enterprise-Level Installation and Maintenance.

The Initiation Phase

• Project definition and mobilisation of the organisation.

• Remediates any current at risk projects.

• This phase includes the selection of pilot projects that have the potential for near-term successes, and the communication of those success stories to the organisation.


The Project-Level Installation Phase

• Provides a structured project planning and control process for all targeted projects.

• Creates the project management infrastructure necessary to support the consistent, successful application of project management techniques by the Project Office on future projects.

• Provides training and mentoring to the Project Office staff.


The Enterprise-Level Installation Phase

• Creates the infrastructure necessary to support business decision making based on schedule, resource and cost information “rolled-up” from the entire portfolio of projects.

• Transitions the day-to-day responsibility for developing and maintaining individual projects.


The Maintenance Phase

• Transitions the responsibility for supporting all of the project management requirements of the organisation to the project.

• Ensures long term continuity by establishing project management as a core competency and an essential function within the organisation.

Revenue Management

Our Revenue Enhancement service has excelled in assisting Local Government to maximise revenue from their billable assets according to their legislated mandate to bill for immovable property and provision of services within their jurisdiction.  We assist Local Government to move from compliance to performance.

We have successfully developed a four phase Revenue Enhancement Strategy (RES) as a practical solutions to the challenges facing the revenue section of Municipalities and Local Government.  The RES incorporates the latest Municipal Revenue Management guidelines as stipulated by National Treasury in the MFMA Circular

no. 64.


Our Revenue Enhancement Strategy ensures maximum efficiency and unlike other service providers, we achieve sustainable and enhanced revenue for the Municipality through a combination of a GIS land audit, advanced data analysis, and correction and updating of billing data amongst many other procedures.


Our value proposition:

• Improve day to day processes

• Improve adequate technology

• Improve capacity and skills

• Instil a culture of payment

• Consistent credit control and debt collection measures


A typical RES revenue analysis, analyses the gap between the current revenue for services in relation to the maximum revenue that a Municipality should receive.  This analysis focuses on revenue due to services provided by the municipality rather than on grants, transfers, and/or loans, and is thus an analysis of the financial base of the Municipality.  In essence, it is a test of how well the Municipality bills for payment by its consumers for such services.


The revenue analysis entails the Municipality providing full organisational work flow with specified billing and payment data directly from the municipal billing system (RES has experience working with all systems currently in use) covering the following aspects:


• Analysis of accuracy of accounts and other debtor information.

• Coverage of billing in relation to number of properties within the jurisdiction of the Municipality.

• Assessment of coverage of properties in relation to the provision of metered services.

• Assessment of payments in relation to billings.

• A debt analysis by debtor type, service, ageing etc.

• Consumption of services as it relates to billing and payments.

• Assessment of accuracy of tariffs applied for billings.


On the basis of the above analysis, RES will identify opportunities for revenue enhancements, and where possible quantify the anticipated revenue to be able to demonstrate the financial benefit that the Municipality may expect.  It will also contain a costing for getting the proposed work done.

Indigo Kulani Capital

Transactional Advisory and Development Finance


Indigo Kulani Group offers customised economic development technical assistance through advisory panel site visits as well as research and reports.  Our professionals merge their technical expertise and extensive economic development experience with innovative approaches to help communities succeed.

We work with public and private sector clients in communities large and small from across South Africa and the African continent.  The below links provide details on the range of projects and types of clients that we assist:


Economic Development Strategic Planning and Organisational Development

• Research and Policy Analysis

• Training and Workshops

• Real Estate Development and Reuse

• Neighbourhood Development and Revitalisation

• Post-Disaster Economic Recovery

• Capital Raising

• Construction Project Guarantee


Our value proposition


Economic Development Strategic Planning and Organisational Development

• Prepare and facilitate comprehensive strategic plans

• Prepare economic development assessments

• Develop new organisational approaches for economic development

• Design programs using best practices in economic development

• Arrange project finance funding

• Risk analysis

• Financial modelling


Real Estate Development and Reuse

• Redevelop a particular site or area

• Support area redevelopment and private sector investment

• Adapt strategies for brownfields redevelopment

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