Indigo Kulani Group - Sustainability

Indigo Kulani Group- (ESG) Sustainability

“The concept of value creation lies at the very heart of the purpose of the corporation”
“Pursuing sustainability as a strategy not only requires us to do business but also forces us to rethink why we do business” 
It has profound implications for our understanding of success and need for growth, as well as the time horizons
we adopt, our view of stakeholders, partnerships, our business models and understanding of value
creation and capture” A.Anand and Jean-Louis Barsoux, IMD Business School.

Our (ESG) Environmental , Social and Governance Strategy

Indigo Kulani Group Environmental, Social and Governance Strategy is built in our business model. We measure our sustainability through the so-called triple bottom line (economic, social and environmental sustainability).

Sustainable companies are builders of profit as well as builders of society.

Stakeholders include shareholders and customers, as well as employees, local communities, etc. Profit is a means to develop share value, social sustainability and environmental sustainability, rather than the end-all, be-all for a company.


Indigo Kulani Group recognises that it needs financial stability and all round sustainability to succeed in creating value for its stakeholders.

Reporting philosophy and approach This sustainability overview provides our stakeholders with a view of Indigo Kulani Group’s sustainability focus areas, impacts and the management of these, as well as the Group’s performance for the financial year from sustainability.

As part of our evolving approach to corporate reporting, we have streamlined the integrated report in line with the recommendations contained in the King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa 2009 (King III) and the principles and elements contained in the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) International Integrated Reporting Framework V1.0. 


We actively drive our ESG strategy in all of our Business Operations:

Design and Built Services:

Through our creative design teams, we seek to create buildings and infrastructure spaces that are environmentally friendly, through energy efficiency designs, ultimately saving costs for our customers on the long term and create value add to these assets.


Construction Capital:

The construction Capital provides financial solutions and Management development to entrepreneurs in he construction, industrial and manufacturing industry, solving many of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in South Africa regarding working capital and management skills to grow their businesses.


Real Estate Capital:

Through our key focus sectors, affordable housing, education and cost efficient stepdown health facilities, we continue to create sustainable communities by raising standards of education and healthcare in low-middle income markets.


Educational Foundation:

Indigo Kulani Educational Foundation implements holistic programmes focused on youth to provide the necessary tools to excel in their academics, Personal and career development. We achieve this objective through Leadership and Entrepreneurship Programs for High School students. Visit Indigo Kulani Group Educational Foundation for more.


Socio Economic Impact:

We have completed projects that have continued to create more than 500,000 jobs, 25,000,000 affordable housing and given access to high quality educational facilities to more than 10,000 young children and redeveloped new healthcare facilities that have improved more than 100,000 people in South Africa.