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Our Revenue Enhancement service has excelled in assisting Local Government to maximise revenue from their billable assets according to their legislated mandate to bill for immovable property and provision of services within their jurisdiction. We assist Local Government to move from compliance to performance.

We have successfully developed a four phase Revenue Enhancement Strategy (RES) as a practical solutions to the challenges facing the revenue section of Municipalities and Local Government. The RES incorporates the latest Municipal Revenue Management guidelines as stipulated by National Treasury in the MFMA Circular no. 64.

Our Revenue Enhancement Strategy ensures maximum efficiency and unlike other service providers, we achieve sustainable and enhanced revenue for the Municipality through a combination of a GIS land audit, advanced data analysis, and correction and updating of billing data amongst many other procedures.

Our value proposition:

A typical RES revenue analysis, analyses the gap between the current revenue for services in relation to the maximum revenue that a Municipality should receive. This analysis focuses on revenue due to services provided by the municipality rather than on grants, transfers, and/or loan an analysis of the financial base of the Municipality. In essence, it is a test of how well the Municipality bills for payment by its consumers for such services.

The revenue analysis entails the Municipality providing full organisational work flow with specified billing and payment data directly from the municipal billing system (RES has experience working with all systems currently in use) covering the following aspects:

On the basis of the above analysis, RES will identify opportunities for revenue enhancements, and where possible quantify the anticipated revenue to be able to demonstrate the financial benefit that the Municipality may expect. It will also contain a costing for getting the proposed work done.

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Indigo Kulani Group offers customised economic development technical assistance through advisory panel site visits as well as research and reports. Our professionals merge their technical expertise and extensive economic development experience with innovative approaches to help communities succeed.

We work with public and private sector clients in communities large and small from across South Africa and the African continent. The below links provide details on the range of projects and types of clients that we assist:

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Economic Development Strategic Planning and Organisational Development

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